Our Story

As students ourselves, we know how expensive and time consuming it is to find textbooks that are budget friendly every semester. Bookstores are the worst because their prices are too high. Amazon is a little more acceptable. However, as a seller you might lose at least 30 percent of the amount you spent on buying the textbook. In addition, you have to deal with all the shipping hassle. Some of us spend time on social media or Craigslist trying find the best deals, but scrolling through thousands of posts without finding what you are looking for and ending up getting a lot of spam emails can be pretty annoying. These are the reasons why we built BookGrid; the ultimate solution to this textbooks crisis. BookGrid is revolutionary in the way it can help you find your textbooks every semester. There is a 99% chance that the textbooks you are looking to buy were already used by another student from your campus. BookGrid can help you find that person and get a deal with him or her right on your campus. All BookGrid users have to use their school's email to ensure that they belong to the institution the claim to be part of. Users can post their textbooks (for sale or looking to buy) with key details like book title, author, course code, professor name, ISBN etc... With our in App search engine, we can find all the relevant textbook posts that were created specifically by students from your campus.

Do you hate spam emails? Well, us too. So with our in App instant messaging system, you can just text the poster and voila! Once you get a reply, you schedule an on campus meeting and you purchase all the textbooks you need for the semester. However, that is not all, for an even more awesome experience when using BookGrid, if you post a textbook for sale or to buy, we will notify you once anyone from your school posts it. We can literally save you all the hours you usually spend on social media or Amazon looking for the best deal. How convenient is that?